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New Sign at Two Georges!


I'm happy to say that one of my images was chosen for an advertisement sign for a local restaurant in Boynton Beach, Florida. A Two Georges Waterfront Restaurant and Due South Brewing Co. sign is hanging in Two Georges above their aquarium at the bar. It looks fantastic! I'm happy to be noticed and hope to get more opportunities like this in the future. Check out a pic of the sign below and the original image. Thanks to Doug @ Due South for the opportunity! 

Welcome to my new site! 


This is my first blog entry and I'd like to welcome you from wherever you are! 

What began as a mispronunciation of my surname (Alba), became childhood nickname (Elbo)- turned inspiration. I launched Every Light Brings Opportunity to showcase my work and to inspire other artists in the same way that I have been. Cameras are amazing time machines that nowadays we all have in our pocket! In this digital age there's no excuse for not trying to capture moments of time that can be perceived as masterpieces by the beholder. 

So, I encourage anybody interested in photography to check out these links below. 

Digital Photography School - A great one stop shop for education and inspiration. A definite bookmark.

The Photographer's Ephemeris - This tool is fantastic for planning any outdoor photography shoot. Available via your browser, iOS, or Android. Plan your next shoot now with this free tool.

Below is a time lapse video I shot using a GoPro. Mostly me in my small makeshift studio photographing glass art and honing my product photography skills. 

In my next blog entry I will be sharing some of my favorite YouTube photographers that I follow. 

Take it easy, 


Time Lapse April 2016

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